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World’s most overpriced travel destinations

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February 11, 2014

World’s most overpriced travel destinations

Hospitality News: Grand hotel in Oslo
Grand hotel in Oslo

Think of your vacation budget. Now add a few zeros. Excellent, now you’re ready for the world’s most overpriced travel destinations, places with tremendous appeal and intimidating price tags. But here’s the good news: Great deals do exist in every one of these destinations. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to save in each, so you can avoid overspending in these priciest of hot spots.

To determine which cities are most overpriced, we looked to recent reports including UBS CIO Wealth Management Research’s Prices and Earnings report,’s Hotel Price Index, and Expatistan’s Cost of Living Index.

Oslo, Norway

Like the most opulent cities in the Middle East, Oslo’s wealth is fueled by oil money. So it’s not entirely surprising that Norway’s capital is, according to the Prices and Earnings report, the most expensive city in the world. If you want to enjoy the best of cosmopolitan Oslo, expect to pay prices that are about 20 percent higher than you’d find elsewhere in Western Europe. And keep in mind that this is a city where goods and services are nearly 70 percent higher than the world average, a fact that burns a fast hole in travelers’ wallets.

Do It for Less: has a?guide for budget travelers?that includes tips on finding affordable accommodations, cheap eats, and free things to do.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich offers visitors plenty: pure mountain air, gorgeous surroundings, and walkable neighborhoods. But you’ll pay for the privilege of a visit. In fact, according to the Prices and Earnings report, it’s actually the most expensive city in the world for a weekend getaway that includes the cost of accommodations in a nice hotel, dinner with wine, transportation, and extras. And Zurich also has among the highest public transportation and taxi costs in the world. Case in point: A three-mile cab ride in Zurich runs about $28.

Do It for Less: Cabs may be expensive in Zurich, but between May and October you can bike for free. The?Zurich on Wheels?program maintains 200 bikes that you can borrow for the day as long as you show a valid form of ID and leave a small deposit.

New York, New York

Here’s the thing about New York City: It’s going to play chicken with your budget, and it’s going to win. Along with Tokyo, NYC has the world’s most expensive average costs for both luxury and mid-range hotel stays. We’re talking $730 per night for luxe digs or $340 per night for mid-range accommodations. It’s also the most expensive city in North America for a weekend getaway that includes accommodations, a nice dinner, and in-town transportation. Home to a?$350 steak?and a?$1,000 sundae, it’s a city that has taken overpriced to a whole new level.

Do It for Less: To offset the high prices you’ll likely pay for accommodations and food, take advantage of the many free activities New York City has to offer. Attractions that are?free or offer free days?include the Bronx Zoo, The Museum of American Illustration, and the New York Botanical Garden.

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Source The Huffington Post,

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