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Let’s be clear! Chef accuses: “The bosses are getting greedier and greedier”

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
November 15, 2017

Let’s be clear! Chef accuses: “The bosses are getting greedier and greedier”

Berlin, Germany – 15 November 2017 –
The euphoria of the freshly baked star chefs does not hide the fact that there are considerable problems: “Gastronomy, as we all knew it, is slowly dying out,” writes German chef Oliver Mik in a brand letter. His Facebook post makes it clear to everyone: It can’t go on like this! Rarely is the text written so clearly as it is currently written on Facebook.

Oliver Mik
Oliver Mik

„We complain that there are no successors, but those who still try because they still love the job are our trainees. These are not only constantly exploited by the excessive working hours, which are far above average and on the verge of normality. No, they are also so psychologically pushed into the corner that they often don’t know what to do. Employers often take advantage of their situation without saying a word. No, they also assume it and it can’t be!”, Mik sums it up. In fact, appreciation and attentiveness are a noble asset, which too many employers and trainers seem to have forgotten. Apprenticeship years ARE men’s years “, stated Klaus-Micheal Schindlmeier, general manager of Best Western Plus Kongresshotel Palatin in Wiesloch, Germany, who is an exceptional hotelier.

Professional chef Oliver Mik drills in a deep wound: “Wages, whether for freelancers or permanent employees, are far below the level of our work performance, which we do far too often. The bosses are getting greedy, as long as they have their money dry with the profit we earn on our shoulders. Often three employees are missing in the kitchen when we join in, and yet we continue to be paid far too little for our services, although the chefs could actually pay three times as much if three people are absent from their kitchen.” Indeed, the hospitality industry is once again in the headlines because of bad pay: “77 percent of women in the catering trade is on a low wage, while men’s pay was 65 percent,” German newspapers revealed.

Yeah, it’s about more pay! But also motivation – joy and passion in an industry that offers every career opportunity, including career changers, unique career opportunities. The bosses want 200 percent, but don’t pay anything for it and we all have family… Wake up, get up and do it together,” Mik calls.

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